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A. Day's Work LLC

Edmond, OK

By owning A. Day’s Work, your investment accurately reflects the time and perseverance embodied by each carefully handcrafted piece - work that represents the preservation of culture and language through modernization. After more than a decade performing music on the world stage in NYC, I have returned home to Oklahoma where I focus full time on artmaking and creating new work. My original designs are heavily influenced by my Muscogee Creek culture and Fuswalge (bird clan). Inspiration comes from personal and societal events, ancient traditional Native designs, all the while guided by nature. I began exploring the idea of a new aesthetic and pushing the boundaries of conventional Native art upon developing the medium of acrylic and beadwork on canvas in 2018. Sewing seed beads into canvas takes significant patience, and I find myself meditating upon the subjects that guide my life and my work, especially in moments of freehand sewing. It is my hope that my works will bring the same thoughtful and reflective vitality to the spaces they occupy, where life happens. Thank you for considering A. Day’s Work as part of your art collection. I am grateful for your support and remain always respectfully yours, Mvto, xo! (Thank you, xo!) Andrea Day




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