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Gina Wallen-Conatser

Yukon, Oklahoma

Gina often refers to her art as “accidental” because her unique technique to create vibrant, pour-over abstract art was discovered during an objectiveless artistic experiment. She originally crafted abstract art that was inspired by the life stories and personality traits of those close to her. The end results consisted of vibrant and beautiful colors that also created a personal portrait of emotions and essence that would otherwise be unexpressed through the limitations prescribed by conventional modes of art. And while her technique was an accident, her unwavering desire to create beauty, personal expression, and vibrancy is long-founded. She found inspiration as a young girl by watching her grandmother create extravagant realism paintings from memory, and she applied this inheritance of creativity extensively throughout her professional career by designing, decorating, and developing model homes and commercial real estate. Now, she uses her pour-over abstract painting and her knowledge of interior design as a former developer, interior decorator, and builder to create one of a kind works of art that are both aesthetically breathtaking in appearance and provoking in their ability to create and express feelings ordinarily inexpressible. Her ultimate aim in her “accidental” artistic adventure, however, is to simply bring joy to others, and she would be sincerely honored to create something that brings positivity into your life.




Price range

$0 - $1,000+