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Fokal is an all-in-one platform for artists, local businesses, and art buyers. We make it easy for each party to sell, display, or discover artwork in their community.

Empowering with Tech

Fokal provides tech solutions to empower the local art community. Our evolving platform tackles the issues artists, art galleries, and buyers face in selling, displaying, and buying art. We are continuing to grow in our solutions, and it's each party's feedback that influences our innovation!

The artwork on the walls of a Fokal partnered business has more than meets the eye. Customers can scan the QR code next to each piece to learn more about it or even checkout. This is one of many other solutions we are working on to simplify selling, displaying, and buying art.

For Artists

Fokal is here to help boost your art career. We want to help get your art in front of buyers, manage the transaction, and help you get paid faster.

For Businesses

Fokal helps you host artwork from local artists on your walls. We make it easy to display a rotating selection of buyable artwork for you and your patrons to enjoy.

For Buyers

Fokal is modernizing the art buying experience. Find more local art in your community and use our secure online checkout system for streamlined purchases.

Who We Are

Fokal consists of three founders: Carter, Sam, and Connor. We are business partners, friends, and most importantly, passionate about making a positive change in the world. For that, we have joined forces to create Fokal.

We believe local art communities are vital to growth, creativity, and expression, and that's why we're proud to be located in OKC!

Our mission is to empower local artists with innovative means to share artwork with their community. This means a lot to us, and we can't wait to boost the art community in OKC and beyond!

Carter Cain


Connor Sharp


Sam Fletcher


Our Commitment

Fokal has been operating since the beginning of 2022. Since then we've helped a handful of artists sell there art at local businesses, such as The Collective and Parlor OKC.

We've learned a lot during this time and have carefully crafted solutions around the problems we've seen the art community struggle with. That's why we've decided to launch this new platform with gradual updates along our planned roadmap.

During this beta period, we'll be reaching out to users of our platform to gain insight. With this feedback, we'll make adjustments to the product to better align with our mission.

Don't hesitate to let us know how we can be better. We're always open to constructive feedback!

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