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    Our Vision

    Fokal wants to help boost your art career. Our intention is to free up your time so you can do what you love, make art!

    We are creating our platform to be a community of artists, and our focus on local artists is no mistake. We want to connect you to resources within your community so you can thrive.

    Bringing people together around art is our ultimate vision.


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    What's Next?

    Fokal wants artists to be able to share artwork with their community, and part of that is having a place to be able to show that artwork off!

    In an upcoming phase, we'll allow local businesses and galleries to create shows on our platform. Afterwards, artists can be invited to shows where their artwork will be hosted for sale. All this will be made simple with Fokal!


    For a limited time, Fokal is FREE! You receive all of the profit from your art sales except for a 3% charge from our payment processor. We hope to gather your feedback so we can create the best product for our users.

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