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Art Display Made Easy

Whether you are an seasoned art displayer or looking to display artwork for the first time, Fokal makes the process simple.

With Fokal, you can find artists in your local area that want to display artwork and plan a show in a matter of minutes! We help you handle all the tricky parts of organizing art display so you can focus more on your business!


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Our Vision

We see Fokal being an essential tool for any business or gallery that wants to display or sell artwork in their space. From connecting with artists and scheduling shows to getting paid, we make it easy!

Fokal imagines a world where buyable art is plentiful throughout our communities. Coffee shops, restaurants, local galleries, and more will be transformed with artwork their patrons can enjoy.

Bringing people together around art is our ultimate vision.


For a limited time, Fokal is FREE! You can set a commission rate for any art sold in your space and then make a percentage off art sales. All we take is a 3% fee for our payment processor. We hope to gather your feedback so we can create the best product for our users.

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