Artist Delivery

    Congrats! You've made a sale! Now all you need to do is follow these three easy steps to successfully deliver art to the customer and get paid!


    First, contact the buyer via the email or text provided in the confirmation email informing you of the sale. It's up to you to set up a time and place to deliver the art that works for both you and the customer. We trust you to handle this communication in a respectful and efficient way.


    After the pickup/drop off time and place has been set, it's time to deliver the art! Make sure to handle with caution while transporting to ensure that it remains in the same condition that the customer purchased it in.

    Once you're face-to-face with the customer, ask them to show their email receipt so you can scan their QR code. This will tell us the art was delivered to the correct customer and we'll then be able move forward with your payment! If a buyer can't or won't produce their email receipt, its ok to not complete the delivery. Fokal has your back and want's your deliveries to feel safe and secure.

    If you deliver the art and forgot to scan their QR code, don't fret! Just text, call, or email the customer and ask them to send you the six digit code in their order confirmation email. You can enter this code in your “Orders” page to confirm the delivery.

    If you didn't scan their QR code and don't have their six digit code, you can still mark the order as “delivered” in your “Orders” page, but you will be subject to a seven day dispute window until your payment can go through.

    Get Paid

    Given the previous two steps have gone smoothly, your payment will be available to withdraw in either three or seven days of the confirmed delivery.

    • Three days if the QR code was scanned or their six digit code was entered
    • Seven days if the order was marked "delivered" without either

    A dispute window is open for the customer before your payment is made available to ensure nobody is taking advantage of our processes.

    Dispute Windows

    Dispute windows are designed to protect customers against potential fraud and false deliveries. The delivery confirmation process is your primary form of protection against any potential disputes so Fokal strongly encourages that you complete either the QR code scan or the number input confirmation. In the case of a dispute Fokal may freeze any affected funds in the account from being withdrawn and conduct an investigation. For more details about dispute windows see the artist terms of use.

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