Aimee Eischen

    Aimee Eischen

    Oklahoma City, OK

    A lifelong creative and now a self taught painter, Aimee’s expressive and intuitive abstract work is a translation of all that surrounds her. The use of color in her paintings becomes a unique language, communicating emotions for both the artist and the viewer. Aimee’s highest goal is to convey a sense of hope, joy, and healing; providing a feeling of human connection through shared story. Her vibrant and bold abstract paintings can be floral inspired or simply a space for imagination. They are created with different mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, ink, oil stick and oil pastels. Aimee’s intuition and literary background play a strong role in her work. Each painting starts with words on the canvas - verses, song lyrics, poetry, or meaningful names. Even though they won’t be seen when the painting is completed, they are the foundation underneath that is the spirit of the piece. Eischen paints from her home studio in Oklahoma City.  She is a wife and mother to 4 children through the messy-beautiful journey of open adoption. She draws inspiration from nature, music, faith, family, and the stories of people she encounters. Aimee loves to add beauty to the world around her and looks for opportunities to partner with other organizations that invest in the people in their communities. She spends time teaching others about the healing aspects art can bring as well as donating art to causes that touch her soul. Aimee’s paintings have been featured in multiple galleries and venues across the nation and are sold at local galleries, online, art shows, and various events. She also has a passion for creating meaningful commissions for her collectors.





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