How Fokal Works - Artist

    Fokal gives you tools to empower your art career! Read below to learn about the benefits of using Fokal and how to make the most of its tools.

    How to get started with Fokal

    Create account

    Creating an account is quick, simple, and entirely free! Enter your email and create a password, and you will be on your way towards selling your first artwork.

    To get started visit the Sign Up Page

    Update your artist profile

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    Your artist profile is how people will discover you on our website! Uploading a picture, a location, and a biography helps buyers know who they are buying artwork from and gets you started towards building your own personal page on Fokal!

    Fokal provides a personalized point of sales site for every artwork and artist. Updating your artist profile gives buyers a way to read more about you and is a way to establish your own personal brand on the Fokal site! Your artist profile won't be made public until you upload your first artwork so don't stress about getting this set up right away, but its a great place to start!

    The artist is just as important in the sale of a piece as the artwork itself. Let the buyers know who their purchase is supporting!

    Upload your first artwork

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    Uploading your first artwork is incredibly easy! Click the “Add Artwork” button on the inventory page of your artist dashboard and enter some basic information about your piece like name, picture, and price. Adding your first piece is how you start selling on Fokal. Once you publish your first piece, that artwork will automatically get uploaded on the Fokal marketplace for sale and make your artist profile public.

    Each artwork will have its own dedicated point of sales with information about you and the artwork. Buyers can checkout directly from the Fokal website with our secure checkout system. This helps provide confidence to buyers who want to support your artwork by purchasing a piece.

    Reminder that Fokal only takes a 5% commission on the sale, the rest of each purchase is your artist profit.

    Apply to be displayed

    Collective Kitchens and Cocktails

    Use the Display Tab on your artist dashboard to apply to local businesses that host artwork. When a business starts a new show they can invite you through the Fokal invitation system.

    When your artwork is invited to be displayed at a local business, you will receive an invitation with details about the show through your email and the Messages Tab of the artist dashboard!

    Through the Messages Tab, you will be able to accept the invitation as well as communicate with the business about specific show details

    Use our tools

    Take advantage of the other Fokal tools to maximize your display experience!


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    Each artwork you upload will have its own unique QR code, think of it like a fingerprint! Visit the Codes page on your artist dashboard to create and download wall cards for your artwork. Each QR code points to that artworks purchase page.

    Bring these wall cards with you when you go to display so that buyers have an easy way to purchase your artwork!


    When one of your artwork sells, you will get an email notification with instructions on how to handle delivery. The sale will also show up on your orders page which is where you can see all your pending orders and mark deliveries as completed.


    No need to worry about complicated payment systems. Just link a card on Fokal and get paid out easily when an artwork sells.

    Fokal Premium

    Fokal also offers a host of premium tools that can enhance your display opportunities so you get the most out of every show.


    Advanced Analytics Dashboard

    Using your Fokal QR codes you can see how often your artworks are being viewed to learn what pieces are most popular and what times you get the most engagement

    Draw insights like what subject matter draws the most traffic, and if you should adjust your prices. See how this works by visiting the Analytics Demo Page

    Print on Demand

    When you add an artwork you can choose to offer the artwork as a print as well. Select sizes and prices for your prints and Fokal handles all the printing and shipping. When a buyer scans the artwork they will have options to buy prints as well as the original.

    To learn more about premium features visit the Fokal Pricing Page