Angel Atkinson

    Angel Atkinson

    Oklahoma City, OK

    Angel Atkinson was born an artist. Painting as early as two years old, it was only a matter of time before her imagination took flight to create a masterpiece. Angel is self taught and specializes in drawing, painting, and mixed media. Her work has been displayed in several shows across three states and has taken several awards. Her body of work includes well over a hundred pieces at this point in time. Starting her artistic journey in Tennessee and later continuing on in Florida, she is heavily influenced by the mountains and ocean she once called home. Angel took a brief hiatus from her work during 2018-2020 after a difficult divorce that led to homelessness, but has since returned to pursuing her art career full time with new fervor. Angel participates in several exhibitions each month and teaches weekly acrylic classes at The Community Art Gallery. A 29 year old Oklahoma resident, Angel is a full time Christian artist, art teacher, and homeschooling single mother of four.




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